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Workshops & Training Programs

The Yoga Center frequently offers special workshops to allow you to explore and develop your yoga practice.  These workshops often focus on beginning elements of yoga, or those that offer you the opportunity to dive deeper into your practice.  The workshops are announced on our website or in our newsletter as they are scheduled.  Feel free to talk with any of the teachers or the Business Manager if you are interested in learning more about our Yoga Workshops and Training programs.

Yoga Teacher Training Program

The Yoga Center provides Pranakriya Teacher Training for yoga practitioners who have a love for yoga born out of practice.  The Pranakriya Teacher Training Program, developed by Yoganand Michael Carroll, supports practitioners in developing the skills needed to share the best practices of yoga with students in their quest to become professional yoga teachers.

The 200 hour Certification training is taught in 9 intensive weekends and over the course of 8-9 months.  The students learn methodology for teaching postures and pranayamas (breathing exercises), designing a balanced yoga class, the anatomy of the body, ethical teaching practices, and yoga’s benefit to the skeletal, muscular, and neurological systems.

The Pranakriya Yoga Teacher Training program also offers 300 hour Certifications.  These advanced courses are available to yoga teachers from all traditions, as well as dedicated practicioners, to enrich their practice and classes.  For a full schedule of Pranakriya programs, check their website www.pranakriya.com .

The Pranakriya Yoga Teacher Training program is taught by established, professional yoga teachers who travel throughout the Eastern U.S. providing training at host studios from Maine to Florida, as well as Canada.  The Yoga Center is one of many host studios for Pranakriya Yoga Training programs.

Pranakriya Yoga

Yoganand founded Pranakriya Yoga in 2005.  He is a Master-Level teacher in the Kripalu Yoga tradition.  Through many years of intensive study and practice of Swami Kripalu’s work, Yoganand gained a profound ability to distill and interpret yogic texts and techniques.   Pranakriya Yoga was developed from the original teachings of Swami Kripalu and reconfigured to meet the needs of Western yogis in today’s world without taking away from the ancient teaching.  Pranakriya Yoga teaches that from the experiences of our lives, we make stories about who we are.  These stories manifest in how we hold our body, breathe, think, feel, and move in relationship to others and the environment.   Our stories have energy and create energy patterns, both healthy and unhealthy.  If we can recognize our stories, our patterns, our underlying energies, we can change them.  When these change, our lives change.